Upcoming Events at the Charge

Here are some of the great things coming up around the

Runville United Methodist Charge

Upcoming events around the Charge:


May 30th-June 1st                                                 Annual Conference

June 2nd                                      5pm                    Charge Youth End of Yr. Picnic

June 9th                                      5pm                     Strawberry Social at Run. Pavilion

June 10th-14th                            9am-11 am           VBS at Runville Church

June 14th                                     11am                   VBS Presentation and Picnic 

June 16th-21st                                                         Youth West Virginia Team

June 18th                                      12:30-5pm           Red Cross Blood Drive at Boggs

                                                                                                 Twp.      Bldg.

June 24th                                       8am-11pm            Youth Knobels Trip

June 30th                                       11am                    Yarnell Church 5th Sunday Potluck at 

                                                                                                 Yarnell Comm. Bldg.

July 14th                                         10am                    Charge Picnic at Runville Pavilion 

                                                                                   (all services combined into one)

July 24th-27th                                                               Youth Impact Green Hills PA

August 16th-24th                                                           Great Grange Fair

August 27th                                     12:30-5pm   Red Cross Blood Drive at Boggs Twp. Bldg.

September 7th                                  6-10pm                Youth Kickoff Wkend