Charge Missions

The people of the Runville Charge seek to provide a means of fulfilling Christ's command to "Go ye into all the world" with the Gospel. The charge supports missions and missionary families through the monthly support of the people and is continuingly reaching out into the community and helping those in need.

Some of the Runville Charge missions that we currently support are:  Local Food Banks, Bellefonte Lunch Program, Missionaries and Camping Ministries.


Runville Charge Mission Oppertunities

Mission Support

You can be part of the missional life of the Runville/Curtin Charge through your support of our local projects, or by supporting a global ministry through the United Methodist Church. 

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Every day, as many as 11,000 kids die from hunger and related causes.  Some starve.  Some get sick and waste away.  Either way, we want to help.  The Runville Charge youth group has participated in World Vision's 30 Hour Famine.  These young adults have learned a greater understanding of the hunger that many people in this world face on a daily basis while simultaneously doing their part to prevent it in the future.


Bellefonte Lunch Program - The Runville Charge provides lunch at the Trinity United Methodist Church on Spring Street in Bellefonte for those in need the 1st Monday of each month

Food Pantry - The 1st Sunday of each month help support the hunger ministry of the Faith Centre in Bellefonte