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United Methodist Charge

Where we strive to put "Faith and Love Into Action"

Whenever and Wherever it is needed.


Every year the Runville Charge Youth Group feed hungry children by raising funds through their participation in World Visions 30hr Famine. Also, every year three youth leaders are picked by the kids to earn a chance to kiss an animal. Well it seems the Pastor has kissed too many animals in his tenure. So this year hewas not included in the voting. However, I am pleased to announce that his wife, Jenn Mellott, Jeremy Garner, and Laura Broome Dreese are all in the running. If you would like to see anyof these  three individuals kiss a GOAT please feel free to send your donations to The Runville Church at: 1216 Runville Road, Bellefonte, Pa 16823. In care of Pastor Doug Mellott. Remember to write who you want the funds to go too and I will ensure it gets to the correct account.


Pastor Doug

(814) 355-8027 (Home)
(814) 353-8380 (Charge Office)
There are three churches that comprise our Charge.  They are Pleasant Valley,
Yarnell and Runville Churches.  Please check out what each church
has to offer using the side bar on the left. 
Why not make one of them your home church?
Sunday Worship Services
8:00 am Runville Church- A traditional worship service
9:00 am  Pleasant Valley Church- A traditional worship service
10:00 am  Yarnell Church-A traditional worship service
11:00 am  Praise & Worship Service, Runville Church-A blended service featuring guitar, piano, and drum accompiasts.
Sunday School
9:30 am  Runville Church
9:00 am  Yarnell Church
Runville UMCharge Youth Groups
Elementary Youth  6:00 pm Runville (Sept. – May)
Jr. Youth  6:00 pm Runville (Sept. – May)
Sr. Youth  6:00 pm Runville (Sept. – May)
Bible Studies
Wednesday-  7:00 pm  at Skip Miller's Home Please call the Charge Office for more information and directions.
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